We work harder.
So your media does, too.

At EchoPoint, we take performance personally. We see ourselves as your partners in every sense of the word. And because we’re so invested in your long-term success, we never stop learning, analyzing or improving your strategy with data-driven insights.

Take a Scroll

Our team works out of a renovated hundred-year-old schoolhouse. And the classroom isn’t just our setting. It’s our mindset. We’re constantly studying the consumer—your consumer—to understand their changing habits and preferences. So as the media landscape shifts, we’re already one step ahead.

We’re students of the consumer.

What makes our strategies so effective? The insights they’re founded on. We draw from our deep understanding of consumers and platforms to reach your targets. Then we monitor performance and adjust as we go—making your strategy more powerful with every passing day.

We’re insights-obsessed.

We don’t believe in guesswork. Or blind trust. Every decision we make is driven by the data and tested for real-world performance. We report back to you regularly with detailed metrics and results. So you don’t just hope your campaign is working. You know.

We’re data-proven.

“Being good to work with” is one of our trade secrets. It’s how we get our media partners to give our clients the best placements at the best rates—and how we help our clients succeed. Because when you enjoy working together, you work better.

We thrive on collaboration.

Our plans are fully integrated because our team is. Traditional and digital experts work side-by-side, producing cross-channel strategies that aren’t biased toward a particular medium or tactic. Whatever makes the most sense for your brand is exactly what we do.

We’re anti-silo.

“EchoPoint’s strong relationships within the media community have brought value and integration opportunities for our brand beyond a standard media buy.”

– Lucia McBroom, Former Brand Manager, Brizo at Delta Faucet Company

What’s an “echo point”?

An echo point is a target that reverberates, that amplifies your message. It’s the people who become your best advocates. They respond the way you want, spread the word and encourage others to respond, too. Finding echo points—and reaching them efficiently—is what we do best.

Our approach relies on relationships. For the past 20 years, we’ve earned the trust of clients and media partners alike with a “tough but fair” ethos. It’s why so many of our clients stay with us year after year. And why our partners go the extra mile to help us serve those clients.

As a division of Young & Laramore, we work with a host of Y&L’s brands, but we also have a roster of media-only clients.

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