Every media opportunity
is an opportunity to win.

By “win,” we mean “being good
partners to everyone we meet.”
By “good partner” we mean “adding extra value every time you see us.”
We’re sort of addicted to it. In a good way.
School Number 9 | Indianapolis, IN
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So: What is an “echo point” and why did we name our company after it?

An echo point is the target that will resonate your message best—the people who will become personal advocates, who will spread our client’s word, who will respond in the way we want them to, and encourage those around them to respond as well. We love finding echo points. It’s not for everyone—it requires research that leads to insights. It takes more work than some media planners and buyers are interested in, finding the people who will echo a client’s message. It’s what gets us revved up.

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“A strong, healthy, beautiful plan is what we like to deliver.”

Planning: Secret Weapon #1.

EchoPoint becomes students of our clients. We shop their stores and use their products. We connect with current customers. This is crucial to understanding our clients’ businesses, and how they function in the chaotic marketplace.

Working closely with our creative team, we ensure that messaging is tailored not only to the target, but also to the medium delivering the message.

Market Specialists: Secret Weapon #2.

Even when a plan is “national,” we believe all media is local. Key priority markets usually need individual customization.

Over the years we’ve become market specialists.

Define, research, negotiate fiercely (another term for “buying”), spend time on the details, and measure.

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What do you consider a win?

Let's talk it over.

And, of course, since that conversation is the goal of this entire website, we'll quietly consider your contacting us a measure of the effectiveness of this particular media choice: i.e., a win. See? We're kind of addicted.

Terri Reilly

(317) 264-8400

EchoPoint Media

407 Fulton St.
Indianapolis,IN, 46202
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It’s our 20th anniversary.

Qualitatively it doesn’t feel like that long.

If you’ve been part of our first two decades, thank you! If you’re new here, you’re so very welcome. Also—as the media landscape evolves, so do we. That includes this, our new logo, presented here for the first time.

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