High & Mighty

A case for playing David to a famous Goliath.


The Challenge

It’s not every day a client shows you a product worthy of being called “revolutionary.” The Hillman Group did exactly that, approaching us to launch a new hanging product that would have to steal market share from a far more famous brand.


The Approach

To launch a challenger product that works better than well-known Command strips, our team took on the dual tasks of (1) creating awareness for “High & Mighty,” Hillman Group’s new product suite with the tagline “Designed to be stuck up,” and (2) driving sales. A full-funnel national paid media campaign was deployed to reach design savvy DIY-ers. The brand campaign launch featured national cable, programmatic TV, streaming video, streaming audio, and highly targeted digital tactics including programmatic display, mobile, paid social, paid search, and native content promotion.


The Results

The campaign generated a 94% sales increase and a 6% lift in brand awareness. Plus, web sessions skyrocketed, and the creative outperformed industry benchmarks by 40% on ad likeability, relevancy and believability. Let’s call that a win.

A major factor in that win was creating engagement and driving conversation online. The High & Mighty website was created to play a key role in that effort by providing relevant and engaging content that showcases the products in action. To date, users spend most of their time on the How-To pages. And more than 20% of those who visit the How-To pages engage with video content.

“EchoPoint’s commitment to achieving success in a highly targeted, cost-effective way has been critical to the growth of the High & Mighty brand.”

Tim Ferguson, VP, Global Business Leader of Home and Access Solutions at The Hillman Group